At Our Core
We Are Data. Hundreds of trillions of data points that inform and deliver how we think, who we are, how we live, and how we connect.
Data Is Our Lifeblood
And Optimization
Is Our Oxygen.
We're an arsenal of media buyers, strategists, creatives, data scientists, wordsmiths, and scaling architects who use it to make your targets, your goals, your dreams: a reality.
Scaling the Coldest Campaigns in the Universe
We Are KRA.

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Data-driven holistic media buying for ready-to-scale eCommerce brands that want to outearn, outperform, and outlast using paid social.

You're not alone.

When ad spend outpaces sales growth, it can feel like you're building a brand with straw and not bricks; and any shift of the algorithm can leave you in the rubble, even if your brand is a stellar one.

You need a secret weapon.

That's why we do more than flirt with hundreds of trillions of data points that inform how your clients think—who they are, how they live, how they connect. We become one with the data and turn it into the dollars you want.

We're here to help.

We help you succeed where most brands don't: scaling audiences—even cold ones—with profitable Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns and a holistic approach to scaling that optimizes and scales the business alongside the campaigns - ensuring fast, predictable, smooth growth.

Most Brands Struggle with:

Eroding profits from ad campaigns

Poor cost efficiency
and profitability potential

Missed sales goals
and targets

Improper / inefficient
testing strategies

Chaotic campaign structure

Operational and
fulfillment inefficiencies

Inability to Scale Smoothly
and Predictably

Unpredictable Monthly &
Quarterly Results

But KRA Brands:

Run consistently profitable months, regardless of market conditions, algorithm changes, or platform feature changes.

Scale predictably and reliably, month over month and quarter over quarter, not just with their campaigns but also with their brand and operations.

Never miss opportunities to make a sale due to unexpected inventory shortages; their campaigns and operations are optimized and work in sync.

Benefit from consistent and highly-structured testing, optimization, and scaling methodologies that create balanced campaign structures, eliminate ad spend waste and confusion across marketing teams.

Hit their sales goals and targets predictably and consistently, regardless of seasonal changes or market fluctuations.

There's a science to scaling Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns properly.

We've worked behind the scenes with more than 600 leading brands, emerging mavericks, VC-backed startups, and market disruptors. They all had one thing in common: they weren't up to speed on the nuances of the ad platforms they utilized, spent more to acquire new customers, and devoured their profit margins.

It doesn't help that the agencies and advertisers you've hired in the past overpromised and underdelivered with old methodologies and templated tactics that required tens (or hundreds) of thousands of dollars of wasted ad spend.

We've declared war on wasted data and dollars. Our holistic approach comprehensively looks at your brand and everything in its universe, and properly tests, so your campaigns never lack relevance, efficacy, or profitability.

If you believe your brand is ready to cross the threshold into cutting-edge digital advertising and scale with a proven, data-driven, structured framework that will help you dominate your market and stand the test of time, have your numbers at the ready and take our in-depth 15-min assessment. You may not be as prepared for growth as you think you are.

Discover cracks in the foundation of your brand and get a window into filling them with some of the 100+ keys to predictable, consistent, successful scaling and growth.


Are you ready to ascend?
Take your place at the top.

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We intend to build a society of seekers, explorers, and dangerously curious individuals that are looking to push the limits of their brands.

We hope to share all that we’ve uncovered through our journeys with different brands on their quests to scale and be - the hypergiant brands that they are destined to become.

We hope to share all that we've uncovered through our frontier and partnerships, developing on-the-cusp brands on their quests to become hypergiants leading the industry.

For no brand can thrive alone.


Elevate Your Approach to Revolutionizing Your Brand

Optimizing Scaling Strengthening Upgrading Advancing Revolutionizing

We ONLY work with brands who are ready to make their mark on the universe and intend to become or remain market leaders for the next 100 years. Brands who expect their paid advertising to work as hard and efficiently as they do—serious and sparky brands who raise the stakes, trust the data, and integrate KRA fully into their business—because we know that our partnerships transform and position industry leaders.

Next level products/services require next-level strategy and implementation.

If your products are a circle in a market full of squares or you cater to audiences or niches with immense demand for your offers, we want to work with YOU.

Admittedly our high-touch, white-glove approach is not for everyone, which is why we choose to partner with a mere handful of clients each year.

The data-driven, holistic approach that our clients love pushes the envelope.

We are not your traditional digital media buyer. We are comfortable with asking the uncomfortable questions, pointing out cracks in the foundation of your brand, pushing the envelope in optimizing critical functions of your business, and being meticulous in planning, architecting, and modeling winning advertising campaigns and growth optimization strategies based on our revolutionary methodology.

Because we know that next-level results depend on it.

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What do we live for?

We fully intend to transform the toxic and inefficient wasteland that is the landscape of traditional media buying and end the age of guru-ism that weakens eCommerce brands and prevents them from reaching their peak growth potential.

We don't use magic, secret hacks, or vague tactics, just science, strategy, full business integration, and of course... data.

There is only one step to take if you're up for the journey.

Let’s continue the conversation and evaluate if we’re a good fit for one another.


By “Holistic Media Buying” You Mean...?

Glad you asked. In one word: Advantage.

But since this is a cutting-edge approach on the forefront of the industry, we don't mind taking a little time to illustrate, in-depth.

Traditional media buying is inadequately adcentric and short‑sighted.

Here's What Media Buyers Dont Want You To Know.

While traditional media buying can produce solid results at par with the industry standard, those results are by and large due to company-side factors that long contributed to the success of the brand before your media buyer ever laid eyes on your ad account.

The product itself, the star power of the founders of influencers associated with the brand, social proof, and brand recognition make the most impact on the efficacy of your ad campaigns.

Not the actual skill of a traditional media buyer.


Inadequately Optimized
Ad Campaigns



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The vast majority of media buyers have no clue what's going on brandside, beyond the ad account and analytics platforms, and certainly don't take any of this into account when building, optimizing, or scaling campaigns.

Most don't even do the work required to build smart campaigns, audiences, and structures because they have no real framework or methodology.

This is why the industry’s average ROAS is only 4x.

The monkeys NASA launched into space could get you 4x.

Your brand is not average. 4x is not the number to aspire to.

4x is not your brand’s peak potential.

Discover Holistic Media Buying

The brandcentric, data driven approach to scaling the coldest campaigns in the universe.

The evolution of Facebook & Instagram advertising has changed the landscape forever. Now, the efficacy of your advertising, the returns you garner, and your ability to scale is affected by everything.

From the quality of your products, robustness of your offerings, and your ability to serve your customers just what they need before they even realize they need it,

To the customer experience online and off and their likelihood of purchasing again, purchasing higher priced offerings, and serving as ambassadors, advocates, and referrers,

To the way in which your owned and other earned media strategies and processes are restricted, managed, and optimized, to the way that the data that lies in these worlds is leveraged for paid social,

To the strength of your operational ground game and efficiencies in fulfillment, to your ability to ensure sufficient inventory so that no soon-to-be-buyer is left behind,

Properly optimizing all of these elements is critical to reaching peak profitability in your campaigns and scaling as efficiently, smoothly, and predictably as possible. If you want your brand to be ever-expanding, so too must the way in which you think about paid social.

In holistic media buying, we focus on optimizing both elements of paid advertising and brand side functions that directly or indirectly impact the efficacy of paid social. Both layers directly impact a brand's profitability and ability to scale smoothly, reliably, and quickly while achieving peak cost efficiency and neither layer can go ignored by a media buyer.

Numbers don't lie.

Average ROAS for eCommerce brands
Sales generated to date, across industries
New customers we've garnered for our clients
Maximum number of accounts each media buyer is allowed to manage
Lives we've made easier (excluding brand customers)

Our mission is as ambitious as you.

By leveraging creativity and data, we work every day, night, and weekend to advance humankind's progress by empowering the most forward-thinking and innovative brands with a true capacity and capability to scale.

Here’s What It's Like on the Other Side.

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Thought leadership and insight from the one-percent of brands, advertisers, media buyers, creatives, and disruptors who dominate in their industries.

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Ready for a Quantum Leap?

Full disclosure: our acceptance rates give those of the CIA a run for their money. We’re rather selective, but the nature of our work and the extensive level at which we integrate holistic methodologies and solutions into our brands demand it.

As a boutique, formerly clandestine firm serving as a secret weapon to the savviest brands on the planet, we do not run advertising to our offerings or sell to the masses, in any way. So if you’ve found us and you’re here, there’s a very good chance you and your brand may have what it takes.